Workshops and Training


Please click on the Workshop date or the Facilitator Training date you prefer and the link will connect you to sign up for that program. If you do not see a date that works for you on the calendar please fill in the Workshop Sign-up.

ACTT Facilitators

Maya Jackson, Durham,
North Carolina

Kimberly Muhammad,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Swiyyah Muhammad, Raleigh,
North Carolina

Tiawo Ajao, Baltimore,

Joy Lampkin Foster, Durham,
North Carolina

Endayo – Supporting you on your journey – through birth and through life.

Monique Roberts Gill,
St. Louis, Missouri

Kay’La Mumford, Birth & Embrace Communities Inc. in Milwaukee, WI

Michelle P. Steven, Ed.D
Brooklyn, NY

Ruqayyah Ahmed
Full Spectrum Doula/Breast
Feeding Educator
Brooklyn, NY and Atlanta, GA

Denna Reed
Parent Educator 
Essentially Empowered Inc.
Milwaukee, WI

Kizzi David, Brooklyn & Queens, NY
Full Spectrum Doula
Stay Put Doula Services

Neatrice Holmes, Baltimore, MD
Harmony of the Soul, LLC
Full Spectrum Doula, Reiki Practitioner

LaMeane Isaac, Brooklyn, NY
Doula and Librarian
Brooklyn Public Library

Angie Peters, Stroudsburg, PA
Mom Coach, Mom-ing With Melanin, LLC

Patrice Watson, CD(DONA)
ShLanda Burton, AdvCD(DONA), CDR-Eligible

Founder & Executive Director of The National Birth Coalition
DONA International – Southeastern Regional Director

Tomeka James Isaac, MBA, MHRM
Founder & Executive Director of Jace’s Journey

Susan Petrus | Dalia Abrams | Rachel Bailey | Mia Harris | Holly Horan
BirthWell Partners, Birmingham, AL

Jerica Wesley, Ph.D., LPC
Charleston, WV
Counselor, Educator, Full Spectrum Doula

Jennifer Winston, Tampa, Florida

Workshop Signup

ACTT Workshop Curriculum

ACTT Workshops raise awareness of human rights to quality care with dignity and the benefits of holistic support for birthing families. Medical advice is not given in any ACTT programming and ACTT Facilitators do not impose their views on participants. They do encourage participants to become active partners in their care.

ACTT Workshops are a combination of facilitator-led discussion and participant role play.The discussion about vetting maternity services gives guidance for evaluating and choosing doctors, midwives, birthing centers, hospitals or home birth. ACTT Workshop participants practice asking providers questions. They respond to challenging health care scenarios and role play what they would say and do to advocate for themselves, or for the birthing person they are supporting. Participation in ACTT Workshops builds confidence in engaging with health care professionals and claiming person centered care.



All Black community members, including pregnant persons and their supporters, are encouraged to participate in ACTT Workshops. Gather a group of 3 to 12 participants and choose a date from the calendar above. Your group will be connected to a trained ACTT Facilitator. Birth workers, lactation and childbirth educators, community educators and leaders are encouraged to become ACTT Workshop Facilitators and lead workshops in their communities or share ACTT with their birthing clients individually.


Racial inequities in healthcare and daily stressors on Black moms lead to disproportionate complication rates and the tragic loss of mothers and infants in Black communities. If improving the health and wellbeing of Black moms and babies is your mission too, please join the Black Coalition for Safe Motherhood as a volunteer. Be an ACTT Messenger in your community, schedule Workshops, give out printed messaging, and share on social media. Birth workers, lactation and childbirth educators, community educators and leaders are all encouraged to take the ACTT Workshop Facilitator Training and increase our capacity to offer ACTT in every Black community in the US and beyond.


Your tax deductible Donation or Sponsorship will support the sharing of the ACTT Curriculum in Black communities nationwide. ACTT is a powerful vehicle for successfully navigating maternity care and the healthcare system. Trained ACTT Workshop Facilitators lead interactive programs in which participants practice ACTTing on behalf of themselves or their loved ones. Facilitators emphasize the healing benefits of holistic support for birthing persons, as well as the importance of having a trusted advocate at medical appointments and the birth. Black moms and their family members who are equipped with the knowledge and skills embodied in the ACTT Curriculum will assert their rights to safe, respectful care and be more confident in partnering with their healthcare providers. They will feel empowered to find maternity services with a provider who offers person centered care with dignity. Training independent ACTT Facilitators at low cost, offering free ACTT Workshops on a nationwide scale, and measuring the impact of our programs can only happen with your financial support. Please give a tax deductible donation and/or become a Sponsor today. For website and social media recognition as a Sponsor of Black Coalition for Safe Motherhood please contact Dr. Leslie Farrington at