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Black Coalition For Safe Motherhood seeks to improve Black Maternal Health through promotion of Healthcare Advocacy and Holistic Community Support of birthing people. (More)

ACTT for Safe Motherhood

  • A for Ask Questions Until You Understand the Answers
  • C for Claim Your Space – Physical and Mental
  • T for Trust Your Body
  • T for Tell Your Story

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“Let’s center Black pregnancy and birth. When care is person centered there is no bias, no mistreatment, no trauma. When care is truly person centered there is dignity, compassion, and healing.”

Learn What you can Do

It is your right to have healthcare that protects and serves you and your family. Ask questions, Claim your space, Trust your body, and Tell your story to take control of your health and well-being. The videos below dramatize Moms and their families ACTTing. (More)

If you ACTT and you still do not feel safe and respected by your provider, you do have options.

  • Bring a support person with you, speak to the doctor in charge, and make sure the conversation is documented in your chart.
  • Speak to the supervisor of the clinic or office. In the hospital speak to the Patient Representative, or the head of Patient Safety and Quality Care, or the head of Obstetrics.
  • Find a new provider or get a second opinion (depends on the urgency of the situation, your insurance, and availability of providers).

Remember: It is your Right to have Healthcare that Protects and Serves You and Your Family.

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