Frequently Asked Questions

Black Coalition For Safe Mother Hood


BCFSM seeks to improve Black Maternal Health through promotion of healthcare advocacy and holistic community support of birthing people. BCFSM was established to promote the ACTT Curriculum in Black communities nationwide and beyond.

ACTT stands for the steps you can take to improve the experience of medical care and potentially have better results.

Ask questions until you understand the answers
Claim Your Space – Physical and Mental
Trust Your Body
Tell Your Story

Small groups of people are led by a trained ACTT Facilitator who guides the participants to practice speaking to medical professionals and staff to get the care they need and prefer. They role play responses to challenging situations and assert their rights to get the information needed to make their own health decisions. Meetings are virtual or in person.


1 to 2 hours depending on the size of the group.

ACTT Workshops are either free or very low cost such as $5 to $10.

No medical advice is given to participants in any ACTT programs.

Anyone can practice speaking up for oneself or for someone else in medical settings or during pregnancy and birth and beyond. Everyone in the Black community – preconception, pregnant or non-pregnant, spouses, partners, family, friends, coworkers, church members, and anyone who wants to be better prepared to support others in their health care journey can participate.

You can reach out to a Facilitator in your area (see the Facilitator listing) or complete the request form on the Workshops page of this site.

Community educators of all backgrounds can train as ACTT Facilitators and offer Workshops in their community for the people they serve.

The fee is $250 and scholarships are available depending on the circumstances.

Participation in an ACTT Workshop is recommended first, then sign up Here for the next cohort of Trainees in the on-demand online ACTT Facilitator Training.

Our Workshops are interactive programs for the community to practice how to ACTT, and the ACTT Facilitator Training is for those who want to lead Workshops in their community.